Tuesday, September 01, 2009

How Obama Could Save Health Care Reform and His Presidency, and Why He Won't

President Obama's Health Care reform is going down the tubes. While many Democrats are blaming the Republicans, that is just because they have always blamed Republicans. There is no other play in the play book. But it's not working this time, because the public is onto them and know that they have the largest majorities in quite some time.
Obama's "health care reform" (whatever it is) is failing rapidly, and with it his public approval. But what if Obama changed course and decided to adopt one of the three Republican's plans? He would put the Republicans on the spot, and they would have to act responsibly. The Democrats would howl, but suddenly, Obama becomes Mr. Bipartisan. He can get enough Democrats to follow him, that he could then make substantive changes to the plan, and start to make it more of his own.
The reason he won't do this brilliant strategy?

Because it came from Republicans! And that will never do.

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