Monday, December 28, 2009

Courage, Bought and Paid For

Baucus has responded to allegations that he was drunk on the Senate floor. Apparently, using someone's words as they are spoken by that person constitute
an "untrue, personal smear" designed to attack Democrats' health-care reform legislation.
Now, why would the senior Senator say that his words were an attack on the Democrat's "health-care reform legislation?" I was sure that he helped to create it. Maybe he is as disappointed in it as everyone else.
Oh, wait a minute, he is just using the standard "when you are screwed, attack the anyone else" method of mature political discourse. This has worked for years, and it is frustrating to the Democrats that those damned peasants of the electorate keep pointing out to them that they have been given the majority and it's their responsibility. The distraction method of the past doesn't seem to be working as well. Better fall back on the old tried and true: It's Bush's fault.
But the most amusing thing to me, was when Baucus was asking the question "Where's the courage?"
"I ask, where is the senator on that side of the aisle who has the courage to break from their leadership, break from the partisanship they are exercising on their side of the aisle, to work together to pass health-care reform?" Baucus said. "I ask, where is the courage?"
Doesn't Max understand that as expensive as this bill is, that Harry Reid couldn't afford to buy any more votes than he needed? The courage of the Democrats was to state intractable positions, then recant them upon a suitable doling of taxpayer largesse.
Me, I am just as happy that for once, Harry Reid exercised some fiscal responsibility.

Monday, December 21, 2009

This Explains Everything!

Pitiful, but at least he didn't call them Communists. That would smack too much of McCarthy tactics.