Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to lose a war

At the above link, bloggers from the Left are taking to task the two gentlemen who had the temerity to suggest that the "surge" in Iraq may actually be working. One of the interesting parts:
The rhetorical ruckus ignited by O’Hanlon and Pollack was partly a matter of timing, coming as the White House and military commanders argue that they need several more months to prove their latest strategy is working, while Democrats and even some Republicans in Congress say time will be up in September.

It was also partly due to their provocative conclusions: “Today, morale is high. … [T]hings look much better than before. … [A] new emphasis on micro loans and small-scale projects was having some success where the previous aid programs often built white elephants.”

Apparently, this is disturbing to those on the Left because it may ervive feelings of hope that the war could still be won. Hmm, I don't suppose that is the same objective of those who are doing the terrorist acts is it?

Both the Left and the terrorists seem to realize that perceptions are far more important than actual "ground truth."

On Stopping judges

Volokh has some good comments about Sen. Schumer et.al. who have decided to stop all Bush judicial appointments. While the Volokh article addresses that turnabout is fair play, I don't think they really appreciate that hypocrisy is an asset for the Democrats.
As my wife (The Good Democrat) said when I asked if those who thought divided government was such a good thing would support a Republican House or Senate, she said no, "That divided government is only good for Republicans." "Democrats know how to run a government."
Ah life. Ain't it grand?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Colby Natale, Savant?

Colby at MtNetroots has been trying to understand the conservative mind, but without much success. I think that this is because he is surrounded with like minded individuals who all believe that they are smart, cool and caring. Nothing wrong with that by itself, but what if they aren't really as smart or cool as they think? Could throw a glitch into their entire Zeitgeist don't you think?
I think that it is easier for a conservative to understand a liberal than the other way around. My theory is that many conservatives used to be liberal, but as they got older, they found a lot of reality doesn't coexist with their dreams. When they get done pondering why that is so, they become conservatives.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Okay, maybe we aren't the lamest generation

After taking a break from his PhD to take Queen to the top of the charts, one of its members has returned. Maybe if the rest of us would go finish what is important, we could change the whole "Lamest Generation" sobriquet.

This brings tears to my eyes

“Guard jealously your memories of him,” said Phillips. “Fight against the haze of time, struggle against whatever might steal from you the fact that you worked and lived alongside one of the finest men to walk this earth.”

This is what being a soldier is all about.

Guard jealously your memories. Finer words have never been written.

What happens when we lose?

At the above link is a good analysis in Iraq when we execute our "withdrawl"/defeat. I know that some on the Left are already broadcasting that such scenarios are only playing on Bush creating fear. What they don't say, is what they think will happen.
Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?