Thursday, July 26, 2007

Colby Natale, Savant?

Colby at MtNetroots has been trying to understand the conservative mind, but without much success. I think that this is because he is surrounded with like minded individuals who all believe that they are smart, cool and caring. Nothing wrong with that by itself, but what if they aren't really as smart or cool as they think? Could throw a glitch into their entire Zeitgeist don't you think?
I think that it is easier for a conservative to understand a liberal than the other way around. My theory is that many conservatives used to be liberal, but as they got older, they found a lot of reality doesn't coexist with their dreams. When they get done pondering why that is so, they become conservatives.


Andy B. Hammond said...

I agree. That's what happened to me. I was not far left but I was certainly left of center. When I started working and raising my family, I became more and more conservative.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty obvious that liberals cater to protected classes. Such classes are protected because their members are incompetent to manage their own lives. (As a lawyer, I am sure you will see the correlation to the legal incompetence of children.) It makes sense, therefore, that liberals like Colby Natale have developed a childlike interpretation of events and of how the world works.

What I find amusing is that these liberal children like Colby or Jay Stevens or Matt Singer struggle continually to portray themselves as mature, clear-thinking adults. They are, of course, all grown up in their encapsulated universe, but they are all grown up only in a relative sense. In an absolute sense, when the total universe of history and common experience is considered, these same liberal fellows come across as pimple-faced adolescents.