Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Union Benefits

I am not opposed to paying more for all that I get, but what I don't want to be is a sucker, and Obama and the Democrats seem to believe that those of us who served our country faithfully for twenty years or more are suckers.  The latest proposal calls for the military to cut funding for TriCare which is the system of insurance used by both active duty and retired military as part of the promised benefit of free medical care.  While I could agree to means testing as a way to ease the financial burden, I am stark raving pissed off that Obama wants to raise my rates, but not the unionized civilian who was never shot at
It's obvious that the reason he is doing this is to curry favor with his constituency (unions) at the expense of those who do not care for him (active duty and retired military).  Just like the Chrysler bailout that passed over the bond holders in favor of the unions, in spite of the law, Obama seeks to reward his friends and punish his enemies. 
I wrote about this to Sen. Baucus and still haven't heard back from him on it, but let me tell you, if this thing goes through, there won't be one Democrat left in office for the next ten years.  Once again, betrayed by our supposed Commander in Chief.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Anybody But Santorum

Oh, the perils of the times we live in.  We have Mitt Romney, a Big Government activist trying to lie to us about his conservative bona fides.  This forces the rest of us to pick the "Not-Romney" and it seems that by the process of elimination we are left with Rick Santorum.  Oh my God!!!  Santorum has been described as a Mike Huckabee without the humor.  You might remember Huckabee as the man who wanted to rewrite the Constitution to be more in line with the Bible.  Santorum is a man who says that he actively dislikes libertarianism because it allows too much freedom for individuals to do what they want instead of what he wants.  I cannot support anyone who seeks such control over other people's lives, and will not support him if he gets the nomination.
But in reading the above link, it referenced an interview that Ronald Reagan gave to Reason Magazine in 1975.  You should read it for the breathtaking insight from 37 years ago that is still so appropriate today.
Anyway, in the battle for who is the true conservative, neither Mitt nor Rick are anywhere close.  But I am beginning to think that I would rather have the malleable Mitt over the restrictive Rick.

Friday, February 03, 2012

The Gospel According to St. Barak

St. Barak (p.b.u.h), Slayer of the lesser Satan Osama bin Laden with his own bare hands, Halter of the Rise of the Oceans, Healer of the Planet and Defender of the Faith in Big Government, was sorely vexed.  For he had looked into the future and realized that the Rubes were not coming round to him after all of his Good Works.  After all, had He not used his Stimulus and takeover of the car companies to properly reward His acolytes in the Democrat Party?  Did He not orchestrate the passage of the Blessed ObamaCare for the benefit of AARP?  Did He not reward the money changers in the Temple of Goldman Sachs with his Dodd-Frank bill?  And after all of these Good Works, still, His poll numbers were in the tank.
"This is all the fault of the Greater Satan -those republicans" announced St. Barak.  They have stood in the way of My Will to perform Great Deeds and render a permanent Democrat Majority Ruling Party as it is Written.  So, St. Barak consulted with his Twin Brother, Jesus Christ (in the form of the blessed David Axelrod) and asked, "What more do these peasants want from Me?"  And Jesus Axelrod did reply "Lord, they are Bitter Clingers who clutch their guns and Bibles and ignore Your Blessed Will."  "You must therefore coopt their religion against them in order to fool, er, I mean show them the One True Way." "You must tell them that their beloved Jesus Christ (even though this is heresy in the religion of St. Barak) would have demanded higher tax rates, for while they should render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God, that which is God's. there is no Caesar any longer, and there is no God but You."
And St. Barak looked down on Axelrod and said "It is true, My will can be foisted off on the rubes because they are simple and ignorant and believe in silly Sky Gods."  "I shall announce that Jesus did not have the advantages of the Blessed Script of the Holy Tax Code, and that is why he did not call for higher taxes."  But if he had our Blessed Script, he would have realized that it is God's Will that Solyndra and other Green Energy programs are the best way to funnel money to My backers, as it is their right and due."  Further, sayeth St. Barak "And I shall declare as demons, all those who oppose me, whether they are the Greater Satans of republicans or Satans own spawn the Tea Partiers,"  "It shall be heresy to oppose the Holy Democrat Party from henceforth, punishable by excommunication and the seizure of their wealth for the good of the Party, er, I mean the People."  "Further sayeth St. Barak, "That treating the poor is not to be allowed to individuals, but shall only be done through the offices of the Blessed Federal Government, to whom all owe both fealty and their wealth, except for the Holy Democrat Party Believers, who shall be exempt from the wealth confiscation."  And St. Barak saw all that He had done, and He said that it was Good.

And the angels of Heaven opened up with some Al Green to celebrate the Immaculation of St. Barak.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why D.C. Should Never Be Granted Statehood

Beside the whole Constitutional thing about you can't create a state out of another state (and the District is carved our of Maryland)there is another good reason that D.C. should never be given statehood. Take a look at the top states for Obama's approval where his is at 50% or more:

Thanks to Don Surber

81.1% approval?  Are you kidding me?  Even his own home state of Illinois only has him at 50.4% approval.  I have always suspected that there must be hallucinogens in the water there.  This seems to be proof.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Either They Think We Are Stupid, Or They Are

Let's face it, hypocrisy is the greatest strength of the Left. Undeterred by conscience they can say the stupidest things. Like Chris Matthews saying
he never saw hate-speech protest signs directed at former President George W. Bush — only at President Obama.

Really? Do you think he honestly believes that? If so, let me refresh his memory:

Thanks to Zomblog.

Next time someone like a Bob Beckel or anyone else on the Left complains about how Obama is being treated go ahead and call them a liar. Because they are.