Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why D.C. Should Never Be Granted Statehood

Beside the whole Constitutional thing about you can't create a state out of another state (and the District is carved our of Maryland)there is another good reason that D.C. should never be given statehood. Take a look at the top states for Obama's approval where his is at 50% or more:

Thanks to Don Surber

81.1% approval?  Are you kidding me?  Even his own home state of Illinois only has him at 50.4% approval.  I have always suspected that there must be hallucinogens in the water there.  This seems to be proof.


Walter Greenspan said...

Vermont was created out of New York and New Hampshire and West Virginia out of Virginia.

Kevin k. said...

"81.1% approval? Are you kidding me?"

Wake up. DC is 85% black. Although why they would vote for a mulatto is anybody's guess.