Thursday, April 21, 2005

About me

This is a place like so many others, where one can indulge in their narcissisitic pleasures and think that someone may care enough to read what they think about ideas presented to the public.
My political journey has been a long and strange trip. I began as a Yellow Dog Democrat, just like me dear old Dad. He was a teacher and shop steward working for the federal government, and had been raised by a Teamster. No wonder that he believed that the Democratic Party was the only means of securing his happiness. I agreed with him, and even wrote letters to the Supreme Court when I was 17 asking them to investigate Watergate before Woodward and Bernstein.
By an accident, I ended up as a commissioned officer in the Army, and stationed in Germany in time for the 1980 election. At the time, I could not vote for a Republican, and was dissatisified with Carter, so I chose Anderson. After Reagan's election, I saw the changes that were taking place in the military, and having already seen the Soviet Mongol Horde arrayed against us, I became a Republican in 1984.
I stayed that way until 1992, when I again became dissatisfied with the incumbent, and went Independent. Because of absentee balloting requirements, I voted before Perot had his breakdown. I looked forward to Clinton, until after his first State of the Union Address, and when MonicaGate took off, I then became just plain Disgusted.
After 2000 I was mildly amused, but after 9-11, I became a cranky Libertarian with modifications.
The purpose of this Blog is to exchange ideas. I honestly believe that even idiots can get lucky every once in a while, so it is important to listen to everyone. I also believe that it is in the combat of ideas that the truth will emerge, and that false beliefs will die their own private death.
I invite anyone to correct me if I am wrong. Just be prepared to defend your ideas.
I do not believe that ad hominem attacks serve any purpose except for the juvenile pleasure of poor thinkers. Therefore, I would ask no one to use them.
In the spirit of the search for the truth, I ask you to join me, and lead when you can, and follow when you must, but always keep an eye on the goal of finding the one true objective set of data that will solve the problem, not ease someone's ego.

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