Sunday, July 31, 2005

MT GOP and out of staters

Matt at Left in the West, points out that the Montana GOP is attacking him and David Sirota for being non natives who are trying to run the state. I am disappointed in these kinds of attacks because they seem to be less interested in discussing ideas, than ad hominem attacks. I've always said, that if you can't attack the idea, attack the messenger.
I suppose that they are basing their attacks on the feelings of many so called "Native Montanans." In a way, I can sympathize with them, that before we became the playground of the rich and famous and poor and crazy, we used to provide good jobs in the natural resources extractive industries. In fact, in the 1950s, we were number five in the national rankings of states for personal earnings.
Go tell a man that the job that he had been doing for years and was providing him a good income for his family was environmentally unacceptable. Then when he finds out that he was lied to, when the jobs that were supposed to replace his earned a mere pittance from what he had been earining, and you get a certain amount of resentment of those who changed the rules of the game based on their experiences from whence they came.
This is not to defend the extractive industries, because they were unsustainable at any level for any length of time. However, it still doesn't necessarily ease the transition for the former well paid worker.
As a disclaimer, I must note, that I was born in Virginia to second generation Montanans while my father was serving in the Army, (a very traditional Montanan activity) and that all of my siblings were born in Havre.
I suppose that the real point of this posting, is that the best definition of a true Montanan, is that when you are driving into the state, and see the sign that says "Welcome to Montana" you feel at home within less than a tenth of a mile, even though you have to drive 450 miles to get to your door.
Let's welcome all Montanans to the discussion, and quit trying to exclude some whose opinions we disagree with, even if we can't deal with their argument.


Matt Singer said...

While I was technically born in Washington while my mother attended law school and my father managed Republican campaigns, I've lived in Montana basically my whole life. My great, great grandparents on my mother's side were Montana farmers. My family on my father's side were farmers down in Wyoming basically since they came over from the old country. I can't say that about my mom's family, which goes back to the days of the revolution when two of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence.

The Montana GOP may try to hold this not born in the state thing over my head. Fork them. They're idiots.

GeeGuy said...

I don't care where you're born. Do you give a shit about Montana, or are you here because you think a candidate or candidates provides you with an opportunity to play on another stage. Are you here because you give a shit about the poor SOB who works for the farmer, or because you figure that, with less than a million people, it's easy to gain power and try out your theories?

By the way, Matt Singer is a Montanan. He's a lefty, and wrong about most things, but he's a Montanan.

Rocky Smith said...

If Matt weren't an AMERICAN, I might take issue. Where he was born is of little consequence. He's apparently more of a Montanan than some guys who reside at DBLB. Where did those guys go?

I was born at the memorial hospital in Whitefish, Mt. and have lived here all my life. So what?!