Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran, and What Obama did Right and Wrong

After the obviously fraudulent elections in Iran, Obama reacted carefully, refusing to denounce them at the time. Many on the right took him to task, but I think that he was doing the right thing even if it was Realpolitik in action. Obama had made it clear that he wanted to negotiate without preconditions with the stooge for the mullahs, Ahmadinijad on the issue of Iran's nuclear program, its threats to Israel in particular and Middle East peace in general. By coming down on the side of the protesters he would not be able to have the dialog that he so desperately wanted to have. The side benefit was the Congress expressing their approval of the protesters. By allowing the Congress to vote their concerns, Obama could remain above the fray thereby keeping his options for future negotiations open.
But then, the regime's security forces turned violent. The iconic imagery of Neda, the woman whose death was broadcast to the world over the Internet removed any sense of legitimacy for the government that Obama wants to negotiate with. I would remind him of his speech in Cairo and his Iranian New Year's message that we have more in common with the people of Iran than we do with the regime that is presently killing them. to negotiate with these murderers is going to be impossible.
In every battle, there comes a "culmination point" as Clausewitz said, that point where decisive action can be brought to bear and achieve victory. That point is now passed. When the student pleaded for help from America and the world, Obama did not act. His pathetic statement that Iran must govern through cooperation and not coercion puts on full display the emptiness of his words. Obama forgets that he doesn't have a sycophantic press in Iran, so he won't get the movement in public opinion that he is used to.
President Obama is Exhibit A of why a naif is not a good person to have in the White House.


aaron Goldberg said...

Actually Obama’s Iran failure is Exhibit B.

Exhibit A is Obama’s failure to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapon test and missile tests last month.

Steve said...

Good Point, but I am also sure that there will c, d,, e, . . . . to zz before we get done with the next 3 1/2 years.