Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Well Informed Voting Public

The Pew Research Center has published a poll showing the awareness of issues in the public realm. Here is a breakout by Republicans, Independents and Democrats:

What I find really interesting (discounting the fact that Republicans scored higher on all but one issue) is the knowledge base of Independents is higher in all areas than Democrats except for Party in Power, Public Option and the spending on health care issues. And all this time, my Democratic friends like to remind me of how smart their friends are (since they can't seem to answer basic questions, they always refer to someone else who is smarter than they are) and that they have superior information.
Seems to be the culmination of the self-esteem generation.

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MikeSnow said...

Well informed? Look at those numbers for 'cap and trade.' The thing that is going to sink the bankrupt ship of state and mortagage away our grandchildren's future and most people don't have a clue.

What will it do? Make Al Gora a billlionire with his British cap and trade hedge fund and do NOTHTNG to change the climate.
It will only make us a nation of the poor.
Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT, served on IPCC: ""One of the things the scientific community is pretty agreed on is those things will have virtually no impact on climate no matter what the models say. So the question is do you spend trillions of dollars to have no impact? And that seems like a no brainer."

Montanans need to be informed of this so they can inform Sen. Baucus.