Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Existentialist Dilemna

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot raises an interesting point:  Did the Democrats have to pass ObamaCare even though it was so widely unpopular?  Specifically, he said:
In a way, Democrats had to pass it, even knowing that it greatly endangered their House (and for all we know, Senate) majorities; if they looked at their own proposal and concluded it more harm than good, why on earth would the country need them?
Although many promises had been made that there would be a jump in approval ratings after the bill was enacted, because the people would finally get to see what was in it, just the opposite has happened.  Whether there are just general misrepresentations of its benefits,   or the fact that Congress cut itself off of all healthcare in their deliberate and careful approach to writing the bill, people are not happy.  And that's without even answering the question of its Constitutionality.

But what if this is all there is?  Do the Democrats honestly believe that the public are going to reward them with accolades?  If so, I want some of those drugs that the so-called "reality people" are taking.

And we still have three more years before the benefits kick in.

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