Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Real Problem With Immigration Reform

Apparently, wearing an American flag in a high school in California is now considered to be inflammatory.  I guess this makes sense only if you think that California is a part of Mexico and not one of these United States.  Maybe that is why all of the ruckus about illegals.  They are the legals, it's just those people who call themselves American who are illegal.


moorcat said...

While this story has nothing to do with the illegal immigrant debate, it is a sad commentary on just how far over the edge we have gone. The principle that ordered the kids to change thier clothes should be fired and it is he who should be offering the apology.


Aaron Goldberg said...

Duh—the story is about the cultural pollution created by illegal immigrants. No "debate" there!

Steve said...

Aaron - you sir, are an ass. Cultural pollution?