Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Them the Respect They Deserve

From Reason:

The most amazing thing about the TSA is how absolutely stupid they are. It's almost like America has been punked and we haven't woke up enough to say WTF? Every one of their areas of searching are for some previous attack. How long ago was it since the shoe bomber? And yet we still pull off our shoes for inspection. More than three ounces of a fluid? Can't have it, so four or five of you are going to have to get together to bring on enough for a bomb.
Everything that they are doing is purely reactive. They justify it by saying that they are just "following procedure." That is the excuse they give for not thinking. But watching this will have to make you think that we are not doing it right.


Steve Dee said...

I think the Isrealis do it right:

Steve said...

I agree. There are about 80 million flights a year, and for almost 10 years, there must be close to 800 million flights. And all of the attacks have originated from outside the US and followed the same pattern:
No luggage, one way ticket paid in cash, and the traveler had spent significant time in Yemen.

Is it that hard to just concentrate on those guys, and tell the other passengers to keep their heads up for anyone else?