Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Spineless Obama

After years of evolving his position on gay marriage, (read holding his finger to the wind) President Obama has made the decision that he is personally in favor of gay marriage. While much may be made of this daring pronouncement, let's go back to the words that he used. He is personally in favor of it. Not that he is going to push it as part of the Administration's policies, but just that now, you can be gay and get married in his opinion.

As long as your state doesn't ban it of course. Then, he would be opposed. Wouldn't want to offend those who are opposed to gay marriage, and wouldn't want to offend some of his biggest contributors.

What, oh what is a person to do?

How about have a spine and the courage of your convictions?

Not that that is ever going to happen.


Auntie Lib said...

He would have to have a conviction in order to have the courage for one.

Steve said...

The only conviction he would ever have is if he gets arrested.