Friday, July 20, 2012

Their Deaths Served a Higher Purpose

There is a fine line between being a realist and a cynic. Michael Grunwald crossed it. Add in the false accusations so quickly made that the shooter was a member of that wrongly maligned group of citizens interested in good government, the Tea Party and you would think that this would be a one off. Unless someone decided that it's Rush Limbaugh's fault.
When you have a history of falsely blaming your political opponents for things which they did not do, you would think they would eventually apologize. But no! They serve a higher good of telling the truth as they want you to hear it. Of course it's not the truth, but don't let that stop them. They are on a higher mission.
I am sure that the victims of this madman will be happy to know that their deaths were not in vain, but that their sacrifice will be exploited to the utmost at every opportunity for the greater good.

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Anonymous said...

Great comment by WeaselClubber from your link.

"The Brady Campaign never passes up an oppotunity to dance in the blood of victims of firearm misuse."

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