Monday, March 06, 2006

Deblogging ideas

Dave and Matt are busy deblogging each other. I would just like to say:
Both of you, just put down your keyboards, and slowly back away, and no one will get hurt.

This is not the only instance of "purifying" by all sides of any ideas that are uncomfortable. Pretty soon, everybody will be pointing out to commenters to just stay on their own side of the Internet.
I list on my blogroll all that I am interested in. It has always been my experience that I need to fully hear someone else's argument and weigh it against my own. If I am right, I have a better argument. If I am wrong, I learn and become better. If I ignore the other side, I become even more ignorant.
Both sites will remain blogrolled here, even if I am kicked off theirs.

Update Dave corrects me that he is not changing Matt's link from his page. Sorry for the mix up.

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Dave Budge said...

I never de-blog-rolled Matt. Never even considered it (My blog is my home page and how can I expect to tar and feather anyone with efficiency if I don't have the link handy?}

Matt's tired of me picking on him. Can't say as I blame him.

Can say it won't stop me from criticizing his positions either.

Politics and bean-bag.