Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gary Hart, Military Genius?

The right to freedom of speech means that even if you don't know what you are talking about, you can sound just as self assured as someone who actually understands the problem. Hart here, shows himself to be a dilletante of the highest order. Unfortunately, as his future obit will say, the former senator from Colorado and Presidential candidate, carries a certain amount of weight, especially among those who hold like opinions, and who will use his stature to verify their posisitons.
Perhaps he is just like so many of our fellow citizens who believe that right now, Iraq is in the midst of a civil war. Of course, a higher percentage of Americans believe in UFOs, but no one except for the nuts around Area 51 have actual proof of them existing. Poll numbers do not reflect facts, they reflect manipulation. Hart must be influenced by these poll numbers to write this tripe.
This seems to go hand in hand with Murtha saying that we have lost the war. Hmm, did I miss the news where our forces have surrendered to the Iraqis? Which divisions have been destroyed? What brigades or battalions are no longer operational? What company was massacred? Which platoon pulverized? Saying that we have lost the war does not make it so. Unfortunately, no one is interested in the facts, just confirmation of their opinion.
I am coming to believe that politics in all forms should be labeled as fiction.
If you want to know what is going on in Iraq, and lack the ability, or the heart to go yourself, check out Will to Exist on the right. I believe him far more than I would anyone who isn't there.


AWG said...

Hart is a monkey biz-lovin' CFR guy who after 9/11 said it's high time for a "new world order." Those were his words.

Jimmy Carter saw a UFO. He also saw a killer rabbit.

The Will to Exist blog is a good'un.

As a neolib, how much in favor are you of globalization? Just curious.

XB234C said...

In the event of a civil war,troops should be confined to barracks? Did I read that correctly? That is pure genius. ROTFLMAO! Am I wrong to find that amusing?

patrick quinn said...

Pretty good. I agree - politics is a work of fiction. Perhaps I should start writing.