Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do tax cuts for the rich help the poor?

At the above link, is a pretty good analysis of the effects of the Bush tax cuts. It seems that the Senate taxation committee relies on errant data or analysis in forecasting the effect of tax cuts.
If the objective of liberals is to increase revenue to the Treasury in order to pay for more social programs, the evidence points to tax cuts. If the objective is wealth redistribution, then tax increases are the answer.
So, do you want to help fund government programs, or do you want to punish the rich? Can't have it both ways.

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Anonymous said...

Dad, you are the best. Although I often side with mom on the "Good Democrat" stance I must express my appreciation for your thoughts. Due to my qualifications of "poor" I would like to see a little more being given to this category. I personally have no desire to benefit from it, but I often wish I had more to give to help out my fellow American. Therefore if I was extremely financially comfortable I would be able to. For now I stick with the occasional fund-raiser and volunteer gig. I guess that's all for now. Love ya. (Wait can you write "love ya" on a blog?)