Friday, November 30, 2007

What is Tester doing?

Western Word has a post about our junior Senator's "fact finding mission" to Iraq. The Missoulian article included a statement from a Montana soldier that if we were to leave in a hurry “the country would collapse.”
Undeterred from his day long in depth research, Sen. Tester is still pushing for a pull out. The question is why? He says that the Iraqis are using US forces as a "crutch" and that he wants to pull that crutch away from a fledgling democracy. So much for compassion.
But let's face it, he hasn't changed his mind since he was elected, in spite of the change on the ground as a result of the "surge." This is all being driven by his MoveOn masters who do not want facts to interfere with making Bush look bad.
Luckily, there are enough responsible people in the Senate who will prevent a precipitous withdrawal ala Tester/MoveOn want which would invalidate the sacrifices already made.
We get the government that we deserve, damnit.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least he's consistent, unlike John Murtha.

Course, he has the luxury of knowing that no one is going to pay attention to what he's saying for, if the USA did as he suggests, it would be a disaster.