Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Foundry has the brilliant idea of having Libertarians adopt the polar bear as their mascot. Now, most of the time, I think that using mascots is a shortcut to avoiding thinking. But as the Foundry points out:
Normally libertarians are not a litigious bunch, but if they are willing to adopt some new tactics, Section 7 of the ESA could provide them the tool they need to end federal government interference in the economy forever. See the polar bear will be the first animal ever listed as endangered on a global warming theory. Normally, species are listed due to harms to their habitat from local factors like logging, farming, or hospital building. So when the Army wants to build a firing range to train troops to protect our country, environmentalists can sue to stop the activity since it will harm local endangered bird populations.

But global warming is just that: global. Virtually every federal government action anywhere in the country can be connected to increased greenhouse gas emissions, which after all, are the cause of the destruction of the polar bear’s habitat according to the Interior Department. So you wanna stop the Agriculture Department from sending subsidy checks to millionaire farmers? Claim the increased emissions from transporting the crops to market will harm the polar bears and sue to stop them. Wanna stop a new high way from being funded? Just point out the new traffic will increase emissions and ‘presto’ … no more high way. Wanna end increases in Medicare spending? All you need to do is show that increased health care spending prolongs peoples lives who inevitably emit more carbon. The possibilities are endless…..

What a wonderful thing to do to stop the government from doing anything.



Anonymous said...

The easiet way to "stop the government from doing anything" is to stop sending tax payments to the government.

Steve said...

If you have ever seen a heroin junkie going through withdrawal, keeping taxes from the government would be several orders of magnitude worse.
Of course heroin junkies can't have you arrested, imprisoned, and take all of your property just to get a fix.

James said...

Stop their research too, because (of course) it causes global warming ...