Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama gets slammed

John McCain seems to have the ability to skillfully dissect foolishness that I had never appreciated before. While the empty suit with lofty rhetoric (but only when reading from a teleprompter) is attempting to make political hay, McCain does an excellent job of showing just how shallow and juvenile Obama really is. And as a bonus, he does it with grace and style.

Read the whole thing.


The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Didn't McCainHitler invite Barack to accompany him to Iraq to view the Surge gains firsthand?

Anonymous said...

god, what fools .. who cannot see that the only rational response to the united states federal government and federal reserve banking system is to entirely and completely end BOTH as quickly as possible. you are ruled by criminals exclusively, and must rise up together against them to free america from pure tyranny. obama is barely a puppet for the criminal theiving empire that controls the USA- the criminals must be identified, given some sort of reasonable trial, and executed by firing squad for treason.. all of them - bankers, presidents and congressmen / senators alike, and the entire system completely replaced.. not revitalized, not reformed.. completely destroyed, and compeletly replaced by a system that is owned and operated by the citizenry. Wake up fools, you are being mugged by a midget with a feather and you pretend its out of your control.