Thursday, October 02, 2008

Post Debate

Having watched the debate while I am stuffing envelopes for the absentee voters, I was not particularly impressed by either of the vice presidential candidates. But I was amused by my wife, The Good Democrat, who was giddy in anticipation of the debate that it would show Sarah Palin to be "dumb." At the end of the debate, she had to concede that Sarah Palin was not dumb. When I pointed out that she was relying on the spin that was provided by Main Stream Media, she seemed a bit discombobulated by the notion that she was being manipulated in her opinion.
She is still for Obama, and when we were talking about the state of the race after the debate, she said that Palin is good, but she lacks the ability to be president. When I questioned her further, pointing out that she has been governor of a state just like Brian Schweitzer, (whom she loves) and that should account for something.
My wife then said that Obama was a community organizer, which has to count for something. When I asked her what it was that Obama had accomplished as a community organizer, she replied "a lot." When I asked her what could she say that he actually accomplished, she could not provide an answer. Then she got mad at me for pointing out that she couldn't name anything that Obama had actually done.
Such is the state of the political discourse, that questioning the unquestioned beliefs results in hard feelings.


Anonymous said...

ppose we'll never get to hear her side of this. Does she have a blog?

Oh, and Palin is not dumb - she's just out of her depth. She was heavily prepped for last night, scripted, and repeated her lines well. The winks and folksy stuff is annoying, but Americans are kind of silly that way, mistaking acting ability for substance.

My God - you're crowing because she didn't f*** up. You are very easily pleased.

Anonymous said...

It was that other western goober, Gov BS, who set the bar so low. He couldn't give a speech to a group of lawyers, much less face a vp debate, without being a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Schweitzer is a good politician - can't speak to his intelligence. He certainly drives you guys loopy, and you guys are not usually in the high IQ side of these debates.