Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bill O'Reilly and Barney Frank

Gateway Pundit has a piece from the O'Reilly Factor in which Bill confronts Barney Frank. But the funniest piece is in the lead in where they describe Barney Frank as the
failed Chairman of the House Services Committee for his role in the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac scandal tonight.

I like that, list all of the Democrats as "The failed . . . " whatever, whether it is the "Failed Senate Majority Leader" or the "Failed Speaker of the House."
Should be a tag line for the entire Democratic party.


Anonymous said...

Bill rocked, it was awesome to see him rip Frank a new one. Frank should be in jail, he's low-life scum.

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Oops. We appear to have been on a coincident vector, my apologies...