Monday, September 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi and Spin

Reminded me of this:

So, let me see if I can get this right. The Bailout bill fails not because 93 Democrats voted against it, including several chairmen of influential committees, and they came up 13 votes short. And it is the Republicans who are at fault, because their feelings were hurt by Nanny's partisan tirade?
If this really was a serious vote, would she have taken the time to do the tirade, or would she say that this is something that the country needs and do anything to make it happen. But again, the question answers itself.


Anonymous said...

The woman is flat-out incompetent. What she knows about power politics wouldn’t fill a thimble.

Anonymous said...

You're on to something here - I don't know if you realize that. The bailout plan failed because of a strange-bedfellow alliance of Democratic progressives and hard-conservative Republicans. You should be very proud of those members of your party who stood tall.

The media ought to be looking for the real reasons behind the vote, but has instead grabbed on to the Pelosi story is its convenient and simple explanation for a complex phenomenon.

There will be incredible pressure brought to bear on those who voted "no" by another set of strong bedfellows: The Bush White House, the Republican leadership, and the Democratic leadership.

But that is not a strange alliance to me - in my view, they've always been on the same page. Read my blog some time.

Anonymous said...

John McCain is once again showing leadership. Here is his solution:

"The first thing I would do is say, 'Let's not call it a bailout. Let's call it a rescue"

Anonymous said...

Then there's Barney Frank's solution:

"Because somebody hurt their feelings, they decided to hurt the country...Give me those 12 people's names, I will talk uncharacteristically nicely to them."