Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just What You Always Knew

Mike at the Last Best Place has a certain reassurance for Republicans in the face of Ron Paul being the Constitutionalist Party candidate and the hype surrounding Obama's numerous field offices, but it seems that Montana is returning to its roots of being solidly conservative. I think that the difference between this election year and two years ago is the effectiveness of the Democratic noise machine. It worked much more effectively then, resulting in the near election of Sen. Tester, who couldn't have done it without his best friend, the Gov. B.S.
Combine the change in the most recent polls with "The One's" difficulty in maintaining a steady flow of cash on hand, and all those field offices might start going dark early here in Montana. Anyone want to bet that they won't survive until we change off of Daylight Savings? That money would be put to better use elsewhere, along with the staffers, those sweet young innocent naifs who actually believe in him because they don't know any better.
Of course, I suppose that this means we still won't see McCain.

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