Saturday, September 06, 2008


A while back, Mark T. postulated that while not all Republicans were racists, all racists were Republican. I suppose that is the willingness to suspend disbelief that keeps him in his insular world. I wonder what he would think about this article?
The fact that the ward manager and the union representative are trying to use the palliative that "He's half white" to get Democrats to line up and vote for the standard bearer of their party, should be rather unsettling.
But I am sure that Mark would just observe that they are really Republicans masquerading as Democrats. The things you have to do to keep your sanity.

UPDATE This isn't about racist Democrats this time, but the blog Concerned Democrats for McCain is pretty interesting. It' written by a guy that has the ultimate in Dem cred, and he rejects TeamObama. Give a read, I'll be adding their link on the right.


Anonymous said...

The Democrats made a big mistake allowing Obama to “self-identify” as black. They should have made him declare as brown. Then he could have had a shot at the Hispanic vote, also.

More to the point, this is not the first time the working class has made it clear they will not vote for a black. This is a little-discussed but huge national problem for the Democrats. And it’s a problem both within organized and unorganized labor. Both situations were reported on this week, before this third article you have cited.

(For organized labor, see what happened to John Kerry in Massachusetts: “Confront racism, leader tells union,” by Maria Sacchetti, The Boston Globe, 09/02/08.)

(For unorganized labor, see: “Armey: 'Bubba vote' to hurt Obama,” by Richard Wolf and Martha T. Moore, USA Today, 09/03/08.)

As for the article you cited, the only racism I can detect is in the Democratic leadership itself, not within the rank and file. When a Democrat leader says, Obama “sees all sides” and will “bring this country together" because his mother was white, that implies white genes and white society makes Obama a better person. And that is racism.

The union rank and file are not racists per se. They simply don’t like to work with blacks. It has nothing to do with skin color (genetics). Rather, they don’t like to work with blacks because they don’t like their attitude toward work, the quality of their work, and especially the fact that many of them were admitted to the unions because of their skin color. This generally negative perception of blacks based on experience with them at work is being transferred to Obama.

Steve said...

Whoa, being black doesn't determine your work ethic. Being in the Army, which is about 33% black, I learned that there are lazy and stupid people of every color. But the guy who saved my butt under fire could be purple for all I cared.

Anonymous said...

“Being black doesn’t determine your work ethic.”

No one said being black determines one’s work ethic, Steve. No one said being lazy or incompetent or having an attitude toward work and one’s fellow workers was genetic.