Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the End of the World as We Know It.

Let's face it, this was supposed to be the Year of the Democrat. After eight years of endless abuse by the media, um, excuse me, eight years of Bush, the American public is ready for change. Democrats just knew that this was their time, and they had a post racial candidate to atone for all of the sins of America. When he was coronated, he declared that now "was the day that the oceans stopped their rising." Of course, he didn't say how, since that will be something that he will address as soon as he is elected. But in the meantime, trust him, that with all of this goodwill and heartfelt desire for change, it is inevitable.
Except, something happened.
There has been a detour on the way to the annunciation of "The One." So, what happened? What is this force that has seemed to thwart the inevitable?
Answer: Sarah Palin.
Actually, that is an incomplete answer. By herself, Sarah Palin would probably not have been enough. Instead, it took the active collusion of the Main Stream Media in their absolutely ignorant attacks on a "hockey mom" who also happens to be a governor. Throw in the ridiculous accusation that the "Everymom" may be a pervert, and you have no reason to doubt that the media that have always supported their Democratic choice, have collectively lost their minds. But you need to add to the equation, that Barak Obama and his campaign are being run by egotistical idiots. He has decided to pursue a fifty state strategy even though he does not have the resources to do just that. When you look at the most ineptly run campaign in history, you have to wonder what his administration would look like.
It is amazing to me that our system for selecting presidential candidates is so perfectly flawed. We do not actually pick the best person for the job, instead we pick the popular fraud of the moment.
It should not come as any surprise, that panic has set in in the Democratic Party. Of course, this is not to minimize the imperfect vessel that the Democrats have actually managed to select. I am really coming to believe that the Democrats do not want to win the Presidency this year.
Think about it, if Obama wins, there will be high expectations to turn rhetoric into reality. On the other hand, if McCain wins, the Democrats can continue to blame a Republican for all the ills that exist throughout the land.
Plus, for the local Montana bloggers of the Left, it will be exactly what they want, even if they don't say so. Wulfgar, the Lesser Pissant, will continue his junior high school level of correspondence, even though his level of reading comprehension remains even lower than that. Mark T. on the other hand, will seek solace that the Republicans have stolen another election, and Barak could never win because of all of the incipient Republican racism.
So, the end result is that McCain will win, the Democrats will control the Legislature, the Sinestra will always have an enemy to rail against, and they will not be held responsible. At the same time, we will avoid the increasing assault on personal liberty of socialism represented by an Obama administration.
So, it is a good thing for everyone that Obama loses in November.


Mike said...

Tens of millions of dollars spent on a 50 state strategy that just doesn't seem to be working out as planned, and a running mate who only a few months before said he wasn't ready to be president...that's a winning formula for sure!

With a campaign track record of wasting millions of others people's money on the fantasy of winning places like Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida...and Montana, there is NO doubt that yep, this guys a Democrat. There is also NO DOUBT that this guy just doesn't deserve the consent to govern.

Anonymous said...

Steve - honestly - you never seem to have original thoughts. This is all paranoia and rehash of points made elsewhere. You're posts are mostly derivative of other people's posts. Your the blogger version of Weird Al Yankovitch, whose voice really grates on me.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, Steve. He says that kind of stuff to me, too.

Steve said...

Oh, I am not worried about Mark. He is rather transparent, and lacks a certain amount of imagination to be of any harm.

Anonymous said...

Not so, Dave. What I say to you is quite different. I say that you make strawmen, and then attack them. You're constantly telling us "what liberals think" before you tell us why liberals are wrong to think that. Classic.

TO summarize: Steve is boring and unoriginal, Dave is a strawman specialist. Keep it straight.