Friday, September 19, 2008

Biden Questions Rangel's Patriotism

Joe Biden has now declared that it is patriotic to pay taxes. Aside from forgetting the fact that 40% of all Americans pay no income tax, this is the most ridiculous argument that I have ever heard. It is designed to set up the false premise that to be patriotic, you have to pay taxes. So, if you don't pay taxes, you are a traitor? Seems curious that Biden would make that statement about people who are just scraping by on their social security checks.
But what is amusing about this absurd argument, is that Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D-NY) the head of the House committee that sets the tax code, has come into some problems of his own for not paying taxes. I can see every tax attorney before all of the tax courts of this great land, pleading that their clients should never have to be convicted because the code is so complex, that even the guy who writes it can't follow it.
Of course, this is just another example of the arrogance of power. But it's okay. They're Democrats. They mean only the best for us.


Anonymous said...

That 40% of us pay no income tax could not be less relevant. The question is, how much tax do we pay, and to answer that question, you have to add up everyone's payroll, income, sales and property taxes, and divide that number by income. If you prefer to focus just on income tax, then you're nothing but a dissembler.

The Viceroy's Fuguestate said...

Biden's a gem. Did you know FDR appeared on Television to assuage fears about the Great Depression or whatever? Not only that, at a recent revival he tried to have a wheelchair bound man rise. Rise and be healed..he may surpassed Quayle in less than one week.