Sunday, September 14, 2008

Islam and Free Speech

I always enjoy reading Samizdata, and came across this posting for the weekend.

Caution contains words that are nor appropriate for children or those with a sensitive ear.

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Anonymous said...

"... it's what made us the civilized world."...
Thanks for sharing this Steve, I'm glad you posted this.

As you know, the suppression of free speech by certain Muslims has recently hit home in Missoula with the publisher pulling out of a deal with the once Missoulian journalist Sherry Jones. From a book publishing perspective, the suppression may have only been slowed as another publisher may have just stepped in to publish her "Jewel Of Medina". From the point of view of being an author, their suppression work has appeared to have succeeded brilliantly with the final words of the local media's article containing the following ...

'Still, criticism of the book has given her pause. For her next book, she'd planned to focus on Sukayna, Muhammad's granddaughter. Now she's having second thoughts.
“I'd like to take a break from Arabic history,” she said. There's another legendary woman who intrigues her.
“Lady Godiva,” she said. “I read that ride never happened.”