Monday, September 01, 2008

What is that Annoying Buzzing?

While Republicans are putting their convention on hold and turning it instead into a fund raiser for Gustav relief, Obama has been doing his part as well. His campaign called my wife (The Good Democrat) and asked her to text a number to send $5 to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. Good on both of them. They should not allow the calendar to preclude doing the right thing.
But, then there's that annoying mosquito of a politician, Joe Biden.
This morning, Joe Biden said today was not a day for national politics. He said it again during a roundtable discussion outside his childhood home here this afternoon. But before long, he couldn’t help himself, criticizing McCain for his views on offshore drilling and questioning his foreign policy judgment.

“The only guy in America in a position of some authority who is out of sync with the whole rest of the world is John McCain,” he told a small group of relatives and old family friends. “This Administration, the Iraqis, NATO, the Europeans, our friends around the world, the vast majority of the American people, the Democratic-controlled Congress, Republicans in Congress -- they all agree. Barack Obama was right, and John McCain was wrong.”
Way to draw blood mosquito Joe!
Apparently, Sen. Biden was referring to a timeline for withdrawl from Iraq. Now, Biden will provide far more entertainment than I think the Obama campaign realized when he was picked. But the good Sen. from the state that has the same number of electoral votes as ours, is basically unable to help himself.
It is only too easy to point out that Obama wanted an immediate timeline for withdrawl and opposed the Surge. If we had followed his wise counsel, the Anbar Awakening would have been snuffed out by those snuff artists of Al Qaeda.
I am not sure if Sen. Biden is being deliberately ignorant, or willing to lie as to any measure that will help him move from the Senate to the President of the Senate.
But every time that I see him, I realize that I like Sarah Palin even more.

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