Friday, August 29, 2008

Leftist Sexists

My wife (The Good Democrat) wanted to know my opinion of the Palin for VP pick. I told her that at first, I viewed this as a desperate gambit by McCain, but the more I looked into her, the more I think that she would be a great VP. My wife told me that on MSNBC (We have sold our souls to get "The One" elected) that they were calling it an early Christmas present. Now, if you honestly believe that your opponent has made a serious mistake, why trumpet it? Isn't it better to remain silent, smile appropriately, and let your opponent self destruct?
But the Left side of the debate is over the top in their disparaging remarks. Wulfgar left some snarky comments below, which caused me to look at his site, where he is really over the top in what can only be described as a juvenile tirade. The Leftosphere is running amok trying to disparage and discredit a woman who is a governor of a state, and who maintains an 80% approval rating. The whole of their argument seems to be that Ms. Palin is not qualified to serve as a VP.
This is the same group that thought that Gov. Tim Kaine was being promoted as a possible VP choice for Obama, and he has exactly the same amount of experience as Gov. Palin.
Oh, I forgot, Kaine is a man, so therefore, he must be more qualified than Palin, or so seems to be their argument.
The Left's desperate attacks belie that they know that they have reason to be concerned by her pick.


Anonymous said...

I'd say the last thing anyone on the left is feeling today is "concerned."

Can you name a less experienced/qualified candidate for the Vice Presidency in history?

Unknown said...

So, let's get your point straight. Leftists, myself included, are sexist because we didn't pitch a fit about the inexperience of a *man* who *didn't* get picked to be the VP. That's what you just wrote, right? Your claim would be the textbook definition of idiotic, wouldn't it? Yeah, I thought it would.

Anonymous said...


Dan Quayle (R-Duh)
Joe Biden (D-MBNA)
Walter Mondale (Laundry Ship)
Geraldine Ferraro (D-Ovaries)
Algore (D-Gaia)

From the modern era.

Mike said...

The Left has spent the last 40 years playing the identity politics game, using their policy initiatives and political power (when they wield it) to pander to every hyphenated group of Americans you could name in an effort to win elections. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a solid strategy that has obviously worked for them.

Fast forward to a Friday afternoon in late August, McCain picks a female governor as his running mate, a woman who has, at a bare minimum, at least as much experience as their party's nominee, and suddenly the bats leave the belfry.

What she says...

It will complete the alienation of the rest of the Hillary supporters from the Obama camp. How? That’s easy — the Obamabots will do it themselves. Go read the Washington Post blog or anywhere online where the Palin pick is being discussed, and you’ll see the trademark Obama misogyny already out in full force. She’s been on the ticket for two seconds and already the Obamabots are saying she “looks like a porn star,” they’re making rude remarks about her childbearing, they’re ridiculing her intelligence.

Keep it up, possums. Keep it up. Just when some Hillary supporters were trying to forget what misogynist freaks you all are, now you’re going to remind us all over again.

You know McCain made the right choice based in direct proportion to the batshit commentary out there...and that's only the tame stuff.

Anonymous said...

Pogie said: “I'd say the last thing anyone on the left is feeling today is ‘concerned.’

Yeah, right. That’s why you and the bookstore boy have spent the last 12 hours writing panic-stricken nonsense in every blog in Montana.

Steve said...

Well said, Checker, well said.

Anonymous said...

Why is Obama and his supporters disliking intelligent women, and small towns, religion, and guns?

Anonymous said...

Man, Mike-

You read a shitton of DailyKos. I think it's unhealthy for people from either side of the spectrum... You oughta consider slowing it down a bit.

Mike said...

I read it someplace else, Steve. Don't blame the messenger ;)

I think it's unhealthy for people from either side of the spectrum.

Finer advice has never been provided.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got me. I did a four sentence post and one comment about Palin. Oddly enough, that was longer than her resume.

On the right of your site, you might note the number of posts today by your Kool-Aid drinking brethen about McCain's pick.

Dan Quayle was a two term member of the House and 8 year member of the Senate, before being selected.

Joe Biden has been in the Senate for over 30 years.

Walter Mondale was a two-term Senator.

Geraldine Ferraro was a three term Representative.

Al Gore served in the House for 8 years and the Senate for eight more.

I know those hardly measure up to being a member of city council and mayor of a town of less than 7,000 people.

I know you want to be excited about your candidate, but in times that John McCain describes as being incredibly dangerous, is this really the best choice?

It certainly says a lot about Senator McCain's judgment.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pogie, if you meant experience as being a congresscritter, why didn't you just say so? I guess that's why the Senate has been such a successful stepping stone to the Presidency.

I certainly don't have my panties in too much of a wad over "experience," whatever that seems to mean.

What should be worrisome to the followers of the Obamessiah is that the Republicans have screwed the pooch six ways till Sunday, and this race is still a statistical dead heat.

Conservatives have not been very enthusiastic about McCain, but I'm hearing of a lot of people who are back on board now.

Will that bring him over the top? I don't know, but it's going to be an interesting race, nonetheless.

Steve said...

Pogie and my wife seem to be parroting the same line that "experience" in a legislative body is important. I disagree.
Being in a legislature, whether at the state or federal level, is to be one of many. You can safely hide your true feelings on a measure by voting "present" if need be.
Being the executive does not allow you that privilege, you must choose and you must act. So the two are not the same.
But what is really telling, is the sudden concern that the wingnuts have for McCain's choice. If they were sure that it was of no consequence, why post anything about it.
I think John has struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Pogie the Progressive says: “Joe Biden has been in the Senate for over 30 years.”

That sounds like a great choice for change!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wants to know "Why is Obama and his supporters disliking intelligent women, and small towns, religion, and guns?"

I don't know, anon. Why is they?

Anonymous said...

Mark T:

It is not very becoming of you to make fun of the way black people talk. I thought you were better than that.

Mike said...

Craig left out FDR's choice of his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, during the run-up to WW2.

No matter what he does, it is always going to seem faintly ridiculous, and no matter how he acts, it is always going to seem faintly pathetic—at least to the cold-eyed judgments of the Hill. Allen Drury

Drury kinds of sums up why Obama has yet to reach 50% in the polls and "make the sale" to the American people...all during an election cycle where it should be slam dunk for the Dem's.

Interesting how some folks are screaming about a "less experienced/qualified candidate" when they claimed to be legitimately running for Governor only a few months ago based upon what? Their forensics-coaching prowess. Puleeze.

Anonymous said...

"...the more I looked into her, the more I think that she would be a great VP..."

What did it take you, company man - three minutes?