Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fasten Your Seatblets

Denis Keohane at the American Thinker, is positing that Hillary could still secure the nomination. I had said something like that before, although not to the depth of analysis that Mr. Keohane has given.
There certainly are subtle signs out there that Hillary is not exactly 100% behind Barak in his undertaking. And if even only some of the issues presented in the American Thinker piece are true, there could be some real fireworks in Denver in a few weeks.
I don't really believe that it will happen though, since it could absolutely destroy the Democratic Party if it is perceived that Hillary stole the nomination. But, if the Super Delegates sit on their hands through the first ballot, all bets will be off, since Obama has just signed on to give Florida and Michigan full representation at the convention. That letter also gave the majority of Democratic primary votes to Hillary at the same time. A startling concession.
At that level, you have to believe that there are no accidents, unless an amateur is in play. Hillary is no amateur. I am not as sure about Obama.

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Riots in Denver, Detroit, Chicago…