Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where's the Outrage?

Remember how much fun it was for the Left to go after Bush because he was always on "vacation?" Of course, when the President goes on vacation, he brings along the White House Communications Office with him, and is never out of reach for anything that happens.
But when Congress goes on vacation, they are wandering around loose and unsupervised. Only the President can call them back into session, and if they are of such a mind, they can avoid that as well. And Speaker Nan, is of just such a mind. Sure gas prices are high. Sure, they are affecting personal pocket books, raising inflation, slowing down the economy. But that is not a good reason to end the more than five weeks that they had already scheduled off is it? Of course, the Senate is still in session. It wouldn't take that long to bring a bill to the floor, pass it and send it on to the President.
While a do-nothing Congress is not necessarily a bad thing, in this case it is. The reason that Speaker Nan doesn't want to restart the session to take care of the people's business, is that members of her own Party are willing to include offshore drilling in a package of energy options. And Speaker Nan doesn't want any such thing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you libertarians are capable of handling high gas prices without the heavy hand of government, no? What are you looking for - another bailout?