Friday, August 29, 2008


During "The One's" speech last night, He said that if you don't have a record to run on, you attack your opponent. I guess the implication for the Kool-Aid drinkers like my wife (The Good Democrat)is that McCain has no record. Except it isn't that hard to notice that Obama is the one without a record and he is attacking McCain.
Now, we find out that Palin is being attacked because she has no experience. I would say "Pot, meet Kettle" except that Palin has two years of governing. That's two more years than "The One."


Unknown said...

And a year and a half more experience than John McCain.

Sucks when the truth intrudes on your BS, doesn't it, Steve?

Anonymous said...

Boy, this wrecked the liberals' holiday weekend. I bet a lot of them are going to get arrested for drunkenness and fighting—among themselves, of course.

Weenie Wuflie is just mad because a girl from Alaska knows more about guns than he does. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Why do Obama, Biden, and their supporters dislike intelligent women, small towns, religion, and guns so much?

Steve said...

Wulfie - It is becoming clear that your reading comprehension is in inverse proportion to your anger. If you would re-read the post, I noticed that the Obama camp is the responsible party for claiming that they have experience, when they don't. This is not to say that your position that McCain has less experience than Palin is incorrect. In fact it is correct.
But it still doesn't address the point.

Unknown said...

Stevie, your comprehension is what is deeply in question here, and you seem incapable of comprehending even that. You are equivocating. In context, Obama was talking about a record of success. McSame and the GOP have none. That is not the same as inexperience, as is evidenced by Palin.

Despite your false claim, Obama has a record; a very successful one. And despite your equivocation, he has represented a district as a state legislator that had a greater population than the entire state of Alaska.

Yes, Palin has experience that Obama and McSame don't. Childbirth, menstruation and probably a host of others. But leadership? You're assuming as fact what isn't, and you haven't supported: that a year and a half as Governor makes one more qualified to be President than any time as a Senator. That just isn't true. Your logic is flawed to the core. You have no argument to accuse me of not understanding.

And, to top off your stupidity, you have confused one tagging along as a VP nominate with one running for the big chair. As you argue that a Governor is more qualified to be President than a Senator ... your argument, kitten ... you argue that Obama is not qualified and neither is McCain. If you have any integrity (no fears. I know you don't) you will be voting third party, yes?

Steve said...

Calm down, organize your thoughts, and get back to me with what you are really trying to say.

Unknown said...

Hehehe, you got nothing, do you Stevie? But please keep trying. PWNG you is hoot.

Anonymous said...

You'd think with all of those books laying around Rob Kailey's place of employment he might have picked up one now and again.

And despite your equivocation, he has represented a district as a state legislator that had a greater population than the entire state of Alaska.

Obama never represented more than 250,000 people during his stint in the Illinois legislature, where he voted "present" more often than not. The population of Alaska is 670,053.

Let's hope they don't have you in charge of the cash registers at the MSU Bookstore too.

Steve said...

Rich, Wulfie is just an alterego that doesn't exist in the real world. I am sure that at his job, he is a fine clerk. But he has a prediliction for fantasy that he involves himself in on the Web, so he cannot cope with reality.
His reality is that of the third grade playground where he was beat up, and where he swore his vengeance.
Of course, life moved on for the rest of the world, but Wulfie cannot let go.