Monday, September 01, 2008

Digging Furiously

Newsbusters has taken to task the Post Chronicle for a "news item" that related to a Google search for sarah palin trailer trash. The editors of the offensive article posted a reply to the Newsbuster's post. If you go to the Editors (sic) Note portion of the article and take a read, you will find this:
It would seem the good folks at took it upon themselves to chastise us as if we subscribed to the point of view published above. The author had added some clarity and while the nature of the topic might be construde as bad taste, it does not reflect any opinion one way or the other. We take issue with Blumer's assertion that the story was simply "made-up."

Construde? Is that a rude form of construction?
Good thing that the big guys in news gathering have editors.

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