Monday, May 11, 2009

How to End the Obama Presidency in 2012

This is just speculative of course, but if you wanted to see the end of the Obama administration, the following steps will have to take place:
1. Quadruple the Deficit from 2008.

2. Have lower tax receipts.
3. Destroy the willingness of private investors to contribute to anything the government has an interest in.
4. Have the government borrow most of the available capital, thereby reducing the availability of business to borrow.
5. Destroy the American automobile industry by handing it to the UAW.
6. Raise taxes.
7. Ignore the continued corruption of many of the top Democrats.
8. Alienate the Left by continuing the same policies that Bush used.
9. Raise interest rates.
10. Increase inflation.
11. Maintain high unemployment in non-government jobs.
12. Maintain a certain level of disdain for a significant portion of the electorate.
13. Increase the costs of energy.

Of course, having all of these things come together at the same time is highly unlikely. Just as it is that Obama would actually do all of these things.

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