Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Simple Question

The current mantra espoused in the astroturf generated letters to the editor all seem to proclaim the general failure of capitalism. My question is, what would they replace it with?
Socialism as a precursor to communism leavens the masses more effectively than capitalism, but does so by limiting individual performance. It restricts innovation and inventiveness and replaces it with government mandated rules and procedures. It still maintains an elite that get to decide who is rewarded or punished. And since these "elites" are human, they are just as vulnerable to human failings as capitalists, but they have much more power than capitalists have.
Communism fails to answer the basic question of who will clean the sewers? If all labor has its dignity, who would prefer to muck out sewage instead of working in a clean lab?
What model reduces inequality while allowing for individual excellence and fulfillment and at the same time maximizes individual freedom? There are no historical examples that I can think of that would accomplish this.

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