Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have a bunch of thoughts rolling around for posts, but lack the desire to flesh them all out, so I figured I would just do the Reader's Digest version of them.

Most of the Democrats like to make fun of Sarah Palin, and claim that she would be unfit to be President. This led me to compare her to Biden, that guy who is almost always in a secure undisclosed location with both feet in his mouth. And he is supposed to have been a better choice than Palin? It kind of made me wonder about Obama and his decision making abilities in picking Biden. Sure Obama wasn't in the Senate that long, but he must have had some interaction with Biden and realized what an idiot he is. But then I remembered that Obama couldn't remember the names of all 57 states either. Or a whole bunch of other facts that Obama gets wrong, but seems so utterly sure of himself nonetheless.

Maybe, Obama isn't as smart as we are all led to believe. What if he is just a particularly eloquent narcissist who is totally consumed in the BS that the Democrat Party puts out? His lack of understanding of complex situations is beginning to give even more evidence to my theory.

The Democrats will never have public hearings on any Bush/Cheney/CIA crimes. First, they know that they weren't as bad as they made it to be. Second, the Democrat leadership acquiesced in everything that they now want to prosecute. Third, they know that they will have their asses handed to them by the very people they want to prosecute. So, what are they going to do about the hoi polloi of the Democratic Underground who are screaming for blood? Especially, since if they don't get Bush/Cheney's blood they will be turning on Reid and Pelosi. So what to do? Continue the leaks and innuendo that will never see the light of day in an investigation, so that the truth will never come out to show just how feckless the Democratic leadership really is.

I wonder if in two years we are going to be having commentary about what the Democratic Party is going to become now that they have suffered such massive defeats in the 2010 elections, and what does this mean for Obama's agenda? Will the Democratic Party have to shift right and become more Republican in order to survive? And will any of the present writers of the current Republican obituary even be self aware enough to realize how stupid they are?

If the Republicans take over the House and turn the economy around by killing the Obama spending plans, will the public reward them by re-electing Obama, just like they did Clinton? As a corollary, what is going to happen to the Tea Parties? Will they form a separate political party like Ross Perot's brainchild, and hand the Presidency back to Obama, or should they act like MoveOn and take over the Republican party?

Why is it that every time Obama says, "As I have always said" or "Let me be perfectly clear" that he is changing his position?

Just sayin . . . .


Anonymous said...

His lack of understanding of complex situations is beginning to give even more evidence to my theory.

Look, I'm no Obama supporter, but honestly, this statement, it just leaves me speechless. There's such a chasm here that it cannot be spanned. There is no reaching you. Have a nice day.

Steve said...

You too Mark.

Anonymous said...

That chasm is likely the moat you've built around your brain Mark. After cap & trade (tax) doubles all our energy bills, the libs big plan to socialize medicine and cut costs should start producing waiting lists for care. Some will be denied care in some cases, but at least they'll be insured.