Sunday, February 28, 2010

Self Ddelusion Is a Wonderful Thing.

The ability to fool yourself is a necessary tool for many people. Otherwise we would be running from our jobs, screaming, just to try and give actual meaning to our lives. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to every so often take stock of your assumptions and test them against your opponent's views to see if they are really valid.
For instance, I honestly believe that the Tea Party movement is a valid expression of rage at government gone mad. That it manifests itself in Tea Party get togethers and in the election of Sen. Brown in Massachusetts for crying out loud. But what if I am wrong? What if the Tea Party movement is nothing more than an Astro-Turf minimal impact media creation that does not reflect current public opinion? If I am wrong, the Democrats would certainly be justified in ignoring the movement. But the idea that it is Astro Turf is certainly not going to be proven by the high quality of professionally done signs. Maaybe if they hooked up with SEIU they could get some well made ones. But the bottom line comes down to, if the Tea Party movement is really inconsequential no one would pay it any heed. Instead, Democrats under the direction of Organizing For America are slandering them. Opponents of the Tea Party movement are calling them violent when all of the violence comes from Obama supporters. Tea Party members are also accused of being racists for opposing the policies of a black President. Never mind that the opposition to a white president is just good civics.
The reason I bring this up is related to the Democrat's suicide mission to pass their monstrosity of a spending bill that they call "health care reform" Or "health insurance reform" or whatever they seem to think will get a greater chunk of control over one sixth of the economy.
I had said last August that the Democrats would be well served to have Health Reform fail. Sure they had 60 votes in the Senate and enough of a majority in the House that they could let many vulnerable Democrats vote against the bill for self preservation. But passing the bill would only raise taxes for years before the first benefit was paid. And we all know how well delayed gratification plays in this country. But as Senator Alexander has said, the Democrats are on a Kamikaze mission to pass this monstrosity. Democrats are justifying it by saying how polls show tha tthe individual aspects of the bill are popular. I just wonder how poplular were the individual parts of the Louisiana Purchase, or the CornHusker Kickback? Or for that matter, the entire bill being slapped together and voted on before anyone ever read them? In a way it makes sense. The Democrats have the largest majorities that they have had in years, and if they fail to do this, how can they ever argue for a leadership role again? Now the question becomes, what is the price that they will pay for trying to ram this through? Democrats and especially President Obama feel that the American popular opposition to his plan is based on his failure to communicate what the plan is. But what if they do understand what the plan is? I don't think Democrats are able to grasp that concept.
Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barak Obama see this as a mission that needs to be done in spite of public opposition. They are apparently willing to sacrifice their majorities in both houses of Congress this year to make this happen. But in reality, they aren't making sacrifices themselves. Most of the Democratic leadership is coming from solidly Democratic districts that would bever vote for a Republican in any event. Just think about Michigan, where government policies have driven the state to disaster, and yet Democrats still retain control. Or California where they ostensibly have a Republican governor but a gerrymandered setup of districts that will guarantee the Democrat seats are safe. No, the seats that are at risk, are those gained over the last two elections and are made up of mostly moderates. Those people are going to be the sacrifice for the egos of Obama Reid and Pelosi.
Now, if any of these moderates and Blue Dogs actually examine their previously held assumptions, they just may figure out that their only hope for survival does not lie in being a sacrificial lamb for someone else's political expectations.

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