Friday, August 21, 2009

Why ObamaCare's Failure Will Be Good For Democrats

While some think that the failure of ObamaCare is going to cost Democrats their majority, I disagree. Instead of the usual Democrat versus Republican debate, the current debate is Democrat versus Democrat with some very angry independents watching from the sidelines. Should ObamaCare pass, the costs are going to be explosive, and once people see what the impact is on their choices of health care, it is going to end the Democrats as any kind of serious power in Washington. Sure, they will have their enclaves where the true believers will pretend that they are still in control of the country. But the Democratic Party is going to be punished for their arrogance.
Suppose instead that ObamaCare does fail, then what happens? The first thing is that the Democrats will revert to their usual bogeyman: The Republicans. Sure the Republicans are a minority, but truth matters less than perception when it comes to the news. The Democrats will be able to say the Republicans are the reason that all of these people are uninsured because of their greed and their insurance overlords. The hard Left, who are advocating for a single payer system or nothing will never blame the Democrats, instead they will also be joining the chorus of blaming Republicans, mostly because it is such fun for them.
Sure, the facts are that the Republicans are totally inconsequential in the debate, but facts are not necessary when it comes to such an emotional issue. Plus, the Republicans will probably try to claim credit even though they are so marginalized because it gives them a sense of heft that they lack at the moment.
With the failure of ObamaCare, we will all go back to the status quo ante, the Democrats blaming the Republicans, and the Republicans pretending they are in control.
Win-Win for the major parties, and we are the losers. But the real beneficiaries of the failure of ObamaCare are going to be the Blue Dog Democrats. They can claim fiscal responsibility, while at the same time blaming the Republicans.
And so, the charade continues.

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