Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stupid Republicans

I am enjoying the self destruction of the Democrats, but then I find out that the Republicans haven't learned a single thing. I do think that Denny is doing an acceptable job and replacing him with MacDonald would be a tremendous mistake, even if it is highly unlikely that he would succeed.
But the whole basis for the Tea Party protest and the Town Hall protests are about the tone deaf representatives who go to Washington and start to bribe each other with our money. If they can't figure out that it's wrong, they don't deserve to serve, and need to be removed.


Unknown said...

Just an FYI is "McDonald" & replacing Rehberg with one of the hefers off McDonald's ranch would be better for Montana than what we've gotten out of Denny the last 9 years!

Anonymous said...

We could use some heifers in Congress. The old dry cows we have now are a gross embarassment.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! You're advertising health insurance at your web site - they are using you as part of their massive cherry-picking operation!

And I laugh as you say "...the whole basis for the Tea Party protest and the Town Hall protests are about the tone deaf representatives ..., as if these events were locally planned and were not done by puppets on the end of strings.

1) You don't understand the health insurance game;
2) You don't understand how public opinion is manipulated by professional; and
3) You're not too bright anyway, so none of this is a surprise.

Carry on my wayward son. Don't listen to me. You're having original thoughts. You have them all day long. Yes you do. Original, all day long. Yessiree.

Steve said...

Let's see, called names and insulted by a paranoid raving lunatic who makes up facts. How should I respond?

moorcat said...

"Tea Party Protests adn Town Hall Protests" may have been about letting our legislators know that you are unhappy but it certainly didn't work out that way in the end. Instead, they have been counter productive - preventing those that are served by these critters from actually talking to those self same congress critters. Worse, they have gotten out of hand to the point that those congress critters (and potentially even the President) have stopped trying to talk to us - you know, the people that they are actually suppose to listen to.

This is counter productive, fifth grade antics at it's worst. Saying "well the other side has done this before too", is just more of that fifth grade mentality at work.

Just once, I would like to see the Good Old Party remember that we used to stand for reason and accountability. Now we stand for obstruction and childishness. Makes me sad to be a conservative