Friday, August 07, 2009

Obama's Thugocracy in Action

Having tried to demonize ordinary Americans by calling them Nazis, Brooks Brother's Brigade, Astroturf and other derogatory names, Obama's followers are now going in for direct action:

A supporter of health care reform, left, who did not want to give her name, pushes forward to rip a sign out of Kris McLay's hands outside the Stout Street Clinic visited by Nancy Pelosi. (THE DENVER POST | RJ SANGOSTI)

I love my country, even though there are periods I am not proud of: Slavery; Extermination of Native people; Anti-Sedition laws of WWI; the internment of Japanese Americans; and the McCarthy era. I always hoped that if I was confronted by such shameful actions I would stand up against it.

It's time to stand people!


Andy B. Hammond said...

There can be no disent. Note the irony on the thug's shirt - Hope.

Steve said...

I think that is all the "Hope" that is left after the campaign.