Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Coming Global Winter

Human beings are exceedingly simplistic and fail to understand anything that is not facile and in accordance with our expectations. Remember all the arguments for global warming essentially being "that if they are wrong, what harm could it do?" Outside of condemning large swaths of humanity to remain in poverty for their desire to be "carbon neutral," there is the issue that we may be dooming a large number of poor people on this planet to death. But there may be a bigger problem than CO2 sequstration.
What if, instead of global warming, we had solar induced global cooling? The thing that the global warming crowd never really understood, is that warming by 5 degrees celsius is better than a cooling of 5 degrees celsius. If global warming were to occur, we could drive up to Saskatchewan and pick our oranges from their groves. But a cooling environment would result in a significant reduction in arable farm land, and with it a greater risk of mass starvation.
If we are to go through another Maunder Minimum, we may be less prepared than the people who survived it 350 years ago. Our society has become so complex in that technology is of higher value than knowing how to start a fire in the middle of a snowstorm. But knowing how to set code will not keep you from freezing to death when the sun cools.
Jeez we are dumb.


Pogie said...

I'd like to congratulate you for the most ironic first sentence ever written.

Steve said...

Thank you.