Friday, July 02, 2010

A Call To Action

Both Ten Miles and 2Helena  raise a legitimate point about an albatross in the State Republican Party platform about gays.  As noted in the comments of 2Helena, the statute in question was found to be unconstitutional as applied to homosexual relations, but remains on the books for all other forms of so called "deviant sexual behavior."  I commented on her site, and then lo and behold, as I am walking to the first tee last night, who should appear but Will Deschamps, chairman of the State Republican party.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, mostly because I consider Will to be a friend, and with his position, someone who could do something about the situation, I addressed my concerns to him. 
Will pointed out that if it is going to be changed, it has to be done at a platform meeting of a convention.  The conventions are only held on even years, and the one for this year is already passed, but he said that what we need to do is to get the platform committee to eliminate that section.  It is anachronistic, and an affront to small government conservatives in any event.
So, ladies and gentlemen, set your calendars and start writing your local Republican reps to inform them that we need to have this insulting language removed.  While some may say that it should be in there, please explain to me how that is any different than a  Democrat saying that I have to embrace someone's lifestyle.  I reject all forms of coerced social engineering, but especially social engineering done under the auspices of the government.  But mostly, everyone needs to remember that gays are people, and they have friends and family who are straight.  To attack them with snide remarks or insults as we did when I was in junior high is unbecoming of mature human beings, and hurtful to them, their friends and family.  We need to accept that they are who they are.  And no, they aren't contagious.
Now, let's get to work.


Kevin K. said...

I suppose you don’t believe in evolution either. If you did you wouldn’t have to deal with the homosexual problem. They’d die out every generation. But no. You want to promote sodomy under some crackbrained liberal theory that homosexuals are just plain folks. So you spend $1.6 billion a year of my money on medicine to keep homosexuals alive and promote hundreds of oppressive unconstitutional laws to protect them and to encourage their life-hating behavior.

You’ve got a hell of a nerve talking about “social engineering."

MikeH said...

Kevin K. must be one of the rich everyone talks about taxing more since he states "you spend $1.6 billion a year of my money on medicine . . . " And I always thought Bill Gates was the richest man on the planet.
What consenting adults do in private is no one's business - and it's especially not the government's business.
One last comment, there's no cure for ingrained stupidity.

Steve said...

Thanks MikeH. Kevin - How do homosexuals actually affect you? If you are not gay, are you afraid that they might turn you gay?
I assume from your comment about unconstitutional laws that you are referring to "hate crime" legislation, and in that I would agree with you. Kicking someone in the head shouldn't be punished more because of the nature of the victim. It should be punished for kicking someone in the head.
But my point on social engineering still remains. You desire to use the government to suppress that behavior you don't like.
How are you different than a Democrat?

jeffk said...

Sign me up. This isn't Texas.

Kevin K. said...

MikeH—you’re a real comedian. I’m sure all the decent taxpaying people in this country think it’s pretty funny $1.6 billion of their money is being wasted keeping homosexuals, drug addicts and whores alive. Gee MikeH I don’t hear anybody laughing except you at your dumb joke. Maybe you’d like to crack a joke about homosexuals killing and eating each other as just "consenting adults" having a little fun. What’s in your refrigerator?

Steve—Get real dude. Deviant behavior affects everybody in society. What kind of a sick country are you hoping for? And your point on social engineering is upside down--YOU’RE the one advocating it by promoting more degenerates in society. Got a problem with nature taking its course?

Steve said...

How does "deviant behavior" affect your life if it is done in the privacy of your own home? If you don't know that it's happening, does it affect you?
And that goes for straight as well as gay. It's none of my business, and I will lead my life as morally as I can.
The other problem is your condemnation of providing medical care to people who are gay. Don't even pretend that this is directed by God, because you are now echoing the words of Sharia.
I figure I will do my best as an individual and not judge my neighbors, preferring to leave that to the Almighty himself.
You aren't trying to usurp him are you?

Kevin K. said...

Stop the evasion please. This if a tree falls in the forest stuff.
If you could keep all your deviants locked up in the “privacy of their homes” there wouldn’t be a problem. But they don’t stay there. They circulate in society thanks to people like you. They’re among our children they serve food they work in hospitals etc. etc.

Nobody’s talking about God except you. I’m talking about Charles Darwin and nature. How do you square that? How do you justify using the law to pollute society with deviants?

Steve said...

The worst thing Kevin, is that I am sure you believe what you are saying. Just so you know, you are also attacking my 8 year old grandson. He may not be gay when he grows up, but all of the indications are there. What has he ever done to you to deserve the approbation you are directing toward him?

Kevin K. said...

I see you can’t support your pro-homosexual position so you play the emotional card. Some grandfather you are. You ought to get the child professional help. You might also what to get yourself some professional help because anybody who’d say an 8 year old is acting like a homosexual is obviously nuts.

Steve said...

Thank you for your kind opinion. Not that it matters. But I support equal rights for all humans, What exactly is it that you support?

Kevin K. said...

It’s pretty obvious you haven’t thought things out too well. You’ve got a bad case of liberal confusion eating at your brain.

Now you’re going off on “equal rights” for sodomites, junkies and whores—like they’re entitled to medicine paid for by the rest of us because they made themselves sick? You can’t be serious. What’s that got to do with “equal rights”? Where’s the free medicine for the good and decent people? I’ll bet you a 100 bucks you can’t even give one example of “equal rights” anyway. It’s just another confused liberal concept in your brain.

You need to sit down and have a long talk with yourself about why you believe things that aren’t true, don’t exist or never have existed. When you decide between evolution and God let us know. When you find a real world example of “equal rights” let us know. In the meantime stop issuing calls to action when you haven’t any idea what you’re talking about.

Willie said...

Kevin--Sounds like Michael Steele's job is going to come open soon if you happen to be looking for a job.

Unknown said...

Steve, I would rather have emailed you but I don't have such a beasty.

I just wanted to let you, as a show of solidarity, that Mr. Kevin K. is a well known troll among the liberal websites. He's kinda like a virus; next to impossible to get rid of. Teh gay and the immigrants and darkies seem to be his trigger.

I also want to apologize. When Jay posted about the Rep platform at LitW, I left a cynical comment disparaging the ability or will of Republicans to take their party back from the extreme. I was wrong to be so general. It appears that some of you wish to do that very thing, and I applaud your efforts. I wish you good luck.

Steve said...

Thanks Wulfgar, I was beginning to understand his nature, which leads me to also understand that he is not a conservative, just some white supremacist trash that needs to be taken out.
Kevin - If you are going to set limits on who gets what medical care based on their behavior, you are also going to have to cut out medical care for skydivers, rock climbers, skiers, runners, walkers, in fact just about everyone who isn't sedentary, and they have to be cut out as well because of their increase in heart disease. So your argument is trite, and stupid at the same time.
You owe me $100 bucks by the way, since equal rights are defined in the Constitution that I defended and still do. Even you, have the equal right to write nonsense unhindered by official sanction.
Your comment about evolution is more interesting and informative than I think you understand. I assume that you are a literalist, in that everything that the bible says is true. Your intention to confine God to your limitations is an insult to Him. But I am sure that you will have an opportunity to explain it to him someday.
Good Luck with that.

Kevin K. said...

1. Nobody said anything about limiting health care based on behavior. The discussion was about taxpayer money used to promote bad behavior.

2. The bet was for an example of "equal rights" not an example of scribbles on paper. You probably think “War of the Worlds” is an example of life on Mars.

3. You introduced God into this discussion not me. You can’t square you’re socio-religious beliefs with the science of evolution. Tough. You’re seriously conflicted like most liberals.

PS—You have to admit you’re really sunk when a doper pederast tries to help you out.

Steve said...

Kevin's latest::
"Nobody said anything about limiting health care based on behavior. The discussion was about taxpayer money used to promote bad behavior."

But just before that: ""Now you’re going off on “equal rights” for sodomites, junkies and whores—like they’re entitled to medicine paid for by the rest of us because they made themselves sick? You can’t be serious."
All of the ones that you were saying should not have medical care are based on behavior. I would really appreciate it if you could at least remain somewhat consistent, or if not, would you go discuss things with Mark T. The two of you could have a field day.
Lastly, evolution is not science. It doesn't have to be.
I always use the example of God trying to explain the singularity and the creation of the Universe through the Big Bang to Moses, a citizen of the Bronze Age, or for that matter, you Kevin today. It was simply impossible for Moses to grasp the concepts, so God just told him to write that he did it in six days. Why is it any less incredible that it took 12 Billion years? Besides, there is plenty of evidence that supports evolution within the book of Genesis. Or don't you read that book?

Kevin K. said...

I didn’t say certain people should not have medical care. I said taxpayers should not be forced to pay for medical care that promotes bad behavior. If somebody wants to kill themselves with cigarettes fine. But don’t ask me to pay for his lung transplant so he can go on smoking. Let him pay for his own self-destructive behavior. The same goes for sodomites, junkies, and whores. Don’t tell me I have to buy them AIDS medicine so they can go on destroying themselves and others they come in contact with.

You’re not going to draw me into some pseudo-philosophical discussion on God vs. Science. All I know is what works. Pulling a rib out of a man to create a woman doesn’t work. Giving sodomites, junkies and whores medicine to keep them alive does work. What you need to ask yourself is for what purpose. So we can have more sodomites, junkies and whores? You can’t be serious.

If you want to see America turned into a giant animal shelter then go for it. Pass all the laws you want to protect and promote all the pathetically sick creatures you can find. But in doing that you’ll destroy yourself and your family and everything in America you hold dear.

PS-- I didn’t see your example of “equal rights” in the real world. You still owe me $100.