Monday, July 12, 2010

Stealing from Our Children Again

First, we stole their future by bankrupting the country.  Now, we are stealing our children's innocence by starting them out on sex education in first grade.  At least that is what they want to do in Helena.  Why is it that so many on the Left want only to make children into political tools?  Why can't kids just be allowed to be kids?

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Kevin K. said...

What’s your problem, Steve? You’re the guy who was promoting sexual deviants just last week, and now you’re upset they showed up at a school board meeting to support the further degeneration of our children.

You need to get your mind straight. Look around at all this sexual depravity. See how it doesn’t stay in the “privacy of the home.” See how it doesn’t confine itself to “consenting adults.” See how it destroys everything that’s good and decent in society--including innocent children.