Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

Life has been busy, so no posting for almost two weeks. I have had alot of thoughts for posts, but just haven't put them down, so here is the Reader's Digest version:

The snow came off the back yard finally, and we have been spending the afternoon picking up dog poop. We had offered free drinks and a prize to our friends who wanted to help, and whoever had the most amount of poop picked up. No takers, hmm I wonder why? Also, if anyone could figure out how to turn doggy doo-doo into a form of usable energy, I would be rich.

There is always that moment of relevance that you find when you least expect it. On Friday, I read in the paper that environmentalists had decried the passage of the big drums being trucked from Idaho to Billings. One even calling the permission to transport a "catastrophe." Then I heard about the earthquake in Japan, and you realize what a catastrophe actually is.

Wisconsin is still trying to stay relevant by having 100,000 people show up at the capital to take it over and chant "This is what democracy looks like." They may be right, but I don't think that is anything to be proud of.

I also get a kick out of the labor bosses saying that Gov. Walker's actions are in support of his corporate masters. Really? What is it that they are so programmed with terms that work, they don't realize that what they are saying makes no sense? There are no corporate masters over government unions. There are only tax payers. And in the end, there will still be schools and teachers, and workers in government offices, in spite of the supposed assault on worker's rights. But they should thank the Governor for saving them from themselves. As they say, anything that is unsustainable, will eventually fail to be sustained. If they keep demanding more from the taxpayers through the collusion of governing officials who are enriched by the unions that they are supposed to be negotiating against, is not sustainable as well.

President Obama is trying out his new "smart diplomacy" on Libya. Poor bastards. While I agree that it is a difficult choice, to simply stand on the sidelines is not a choice at all. If we did impose a "no-fly zone" it would be an act of war, but could turn the tide to the popular resistance over an autocrat. The difference between Obama and Bush is that the first muddles along, trying not to alienate the ones still in power and hoping for the best. Bush would have acted, and he may have been right or wrong. But a muddle results in nothing, while a choice to act results in either success or failure. Even in a binary system, the chance of success is still greater than doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

Yep, right on all counts.sthe

Craig 1st said...

Take your poo and put it in a blender with copious quantities of yeast. Put on "liquefy."

Next, pour through a coffee filter into a large container with a large balloon over the opening and put into a dark warm place like your closet. After the balloon expands to about 2 feet in diameter, tie it off and cap the container. Put the inflated balloon in your fireplace and light it up. Drink the dark liquid. It's purified with the alcohol.

Unknown said...

Craig - Where would you like me to send the raw material so you can continue your "research?"