Monday, March 28, 2011

What Went Wrong?

Let's face it, this Legislature has been a tremendous disappointment. I am not just talking about the "Cowboy Code" or the need for an atlatl hunting law. But first, let me say what they have done well so far. Er . . . okay, they have done a good job of cutting spending, even if is against my personal best interests like in a pay freeze or cuts to the Public Defender Office. But I agree that we need to reduce the imposition of government on our lives, and reducing spending does that better than anything.
Now for the rest of their activity. I have just one question that I would ask everyone to inquire of their legislator: What have you done to expand, or at the least, protect freedom? Are we protecting freedom by keeping an unconstitutional law that bans gays? Are we making ourselves more responsible as individuals by repealing the popular referendum on marijuana? Sure twenty somethings may be gaming the system and getting cards for less than serious conditions, but how does that harm anyone?
Have we traded off the Democrat nanny state for the Republican nanny state? Are we better off with the new laws, or is it that the new (and probably temporary) majority imposing their versions of what they want us to be? I should have known that there was something wrong, when a legislator was saying that the Republicans in the House were "positively giddy" at their majority.

They should have been in awe.

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MikeH said...

What bothers me about the legislature this year is the lack of civility. My way and the heck with your ideas. And don't get me started on the nullification crap. For a group who supposedly want us to return to the Constitution, how can they overlook the second paragraph of Article V in that document?
You well may be right that the Republican majority will be short lived.