Thursday, April 07, 2011

Barone on the Ryan Budget

I always enjoy Michael Barone, and dd not know that he is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, but he has a piece out talking about the proposed Ryan budget. What is sad and yet so predictable at the same time are the opponents demonizing a plan that they do not know, nor understand. But we are facing a predictable crisis, and half the politicians are using it to beat over the heads of their opponents. But if we fail to act, health care costs will be nothing compared to payment on the debt.
We have three options: Raise taxes, which lowers economic growth, except for tax avoidance; cut sending and finally; increase GDP. By doing the first two, we will automatically cause the third.
But I have little faith in my countrymen at the moment. I am sure that the Democrats will demagogue this thing to death, and will continue to make the problem worse.


Auntie Lib said...

In spite of much evidence to the contrary, I continue to believe that good will prevail and the wisdom of the majority of Americans will win in the end. For tonight I will cling to the Wisconsin Supreme Court election results as proof that the bad guys don't always succeed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Barone at the 2008 Convention in MInneapolis. When i told him where I was from he immediately responded by noting that L & C County is not exactly a Republican stronghold in the south, but is much more conservative in the northern part of the county. I was impressed - most Montanans don't even know that. He was great fun to visit with. Absolutely brilliant man!

Steve said...

Auntie -I am not worthy!