Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conspiracy within Conspiracy

The Wisconsin Supreme Court election recently passed has almost no effect on Montanans, but the kerfluffle afterwards sure has. Seems as though the initial results reported by the AP did not include some town, and as a result, the AP declared Kloppenburg the winner by just 200 votes. Ms. Kloppenburg promptly raced to the microphones to declare her victory, and of course offer her gratitude to her opponent for losing so gracefully. Then -Whoops, the AP count didn't include over 7000 votes for her opponent, making him the winner. Except that the votes were always there, they just weren't reported to the press. They were reported to the proper authorities and included in the official count. Now Ms. Kloppenburg is hinting at dastardly actions by -gasp- conservative bloggers who have somehow robbed her of her victory.
Now just for fun, let's posit an alternative, for which there is no factual basis, but could be amusing just the same. After the Minnesota Senatorial vote that started out showing Norm Coleman the winner, votes kept popping up all over the place until Al Franken was finally declared the winner. Ponder for a moment, that you are a Republican in Wisconsin, worried about the same sort of electoral mischief happening in your home state. What if you withheld the reporting of a block of votes just long enough to make the possible election thieves show their cards as it were? They would be hard pressed to suddenly go back and try and figure out how many other votes they would have to create for their candidate and would be locked in.
I realize that this is all speculation, and the most important fact that would be used to disprove it is that Republicans don't seem to think that far ahead, in spite of being blamed for starving kids and seniors alike, as well as polluting everything and, oh yeah, taking candy away from kids. (Wait a minute, isn't that the job of the Mayor of New York?)

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MikeH said...

Oh, I love a good conspiracy theory. Good post!