Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey - Racist!

It was as predictable as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. But a little unsettling in the widespread and coordinated attacks about anyone who wasn't "sure" that the President is an American citizen. We have Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, saying that Donald Trump is "aspiring to be the new Joe McCarthy." How dare Trump ask questions about the President's birth certificate and grades?
Donald Trump may be a clown, a self promoter, or as the President says, "A carnival barker" but you have to admit that he has done what the supposed media have refused to do, and that is force the President to produce actual evidence. One can argue that it was already proven, so there was no reason, but if so, why the delay of all of this time. One theory holds that the Democrats wanted the issue kept alive so that they could claim that anyone who didn't agree that the issue was resolved must be a racist. To quote from the article:
Many critics of the birther movement say its core tenets--and its stubborn resistance to evidence disproving those beliefs--can be traced to racial hostilities. The fundamental birtherist conviction, these critics say, is that an African-American can't have legitimately won the presidency--and that his elevation to power therefore has to be the result of an elaborate subterfuge.
Why would anyone want to believe that it was a subterfuge? How about the fact that the Main Stream Media sent 70 investigators to Alaska, but we still know almost nothing about the President himself. It is the obviously obsequious lap dogs of our supposed Fourth Estate who have brought their integrity into question. Sure, the birther question was ridiculous, but so was the allegation that "Bush knew" about the 9-11 attacks. One third of Democrats still believe that lie, but they received none of the attacks of people who didn't believe the press.
But the funniest has to be the direct accusations of racism of anyone who doesn't enthusiastically support Obama. Even supposed "newsman" Bob Schieffer discounts any legitimate criticism of the President as being based in racist undertones. He is supported in this baseless accusation by academics who see nothing wrong with what Obama has done, and therefore, the only explanation has to again be racism. the funniest has to be Whoopi Goldberg, who announced that she is deliberately "playing the race card" in this case. Well, if Whoopi Goldberg calls you a racist, you must be one, right?
Their overuse of what was once a legitimate allegation has devolved into a purely partisan one, that is only worthy of scorn and derision. If everyone who is now part of the 53% who disapprove of Obama is a racist, how in the heck did he get elected in the first place?
No, they cannot legitimately defend the President's record so they attack those who are disappointed in him by trying to deligitamise then by using the magic word that always shut up conservatives before: Racist!
The bad thing about this despicable tactic, is that it obscures real racism, and gives cover to those racists, who can point out non-racists accused of the crime. But this is all about winning, not being correct. They can justify their lies because they are so used to lying about everything else.
It's not going to work anymore though. It may become just another perjorative that will be tossed to the side as further evidence of the lack of the accuser's ability to think rationally or present a cogent argument. May that day come when we all laugh at these accusers sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: As proof of the intellectual pygmies, (oops, is that racist?) lack of reasonable thought, you just have to go here so see my points are validated.

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